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Bahrain Management Society has been officially registered as a non-profit society by a Ministerial Order No. 5 of 1995 by H.E. The minister of Labor and Social Affairs, that appeared in the Official Gazette on 4 July 1995.

The origins of Bahrain Management Society goes back to the founders' meeting held on 28 February 1994. Credit for the creation of BMS is due to:

H.E. Shaikh Khalid bin Mohammed Al Khalifa
Shaikh Ebrahim bin Khalid Al Khalifa
Dr. SHaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa
Dr. Ebtihaj Ahmed Al A'Ali
Mr. Ebrahim Khalifa Al Dossary
Dr. Safia Dowayger
Dr. Kadim E. Rajab
Mr. Hassan Al Mehri
Mr.Abdul Rahman Al Gaoud
Mr. Abdul Hassan Ebrahim
Mr. Siddige Al Alawi
Mr. Abdul Hussain Mirza
Mr. Rashid Fakhroo
Mr. Sameer Al Wazzan
Mr. Mohammed Rashid
Mr. Mustafa Al Sayed

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